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2017 was the fifth year we created the decorations for Wizz Air’s Christmas party. As it happens, we realized we still owe you a report from last year, so this entry will sum up two year’s work.

You can read about the previous years here: Wizz Air decorations 2013-2015:

In 2016 Wizz Air defined the concept of the event as Back to the Future. We weren’t asked to recreate the movie but think of it more as a flashback in the company’s past where they could sum up the previous years’ results and we gained an insight into the thinking of the Wizz Air team.

The main thread of the decoration was again built around cobalt blue, but this time with silver to strengthen the futuristic mood. Besides the usual entrance decoration that has been used every year, we built a time portal through which guests arrived at the event.


We glued shiny pink and blue stripes onto the registration and cloakroom tables and guests could go through Wizz Air’s history along the front corridors. On the right-hand side, we visualized the major milestones of the year on totem poles, on the left-hand side we repeated the same timeline on a floor sticker.




We placed cobalt blue and pink organza material on the cocktail tables, with futuristic, luminous decorations. Silver, geometric installations decorated the walls.




The same decoration continued in the event hall: pink and cobalt blue organza runners, chair bows and luminous table decorations embellished the hall.




Photos: Jágity Fanni Photography


This year Wizz Air’s Christmas party decoration was around the topic of a white Christmas. The “Christmas Around Wizz” slogan defined the concept that brought a clean, snow-white Christmas wonderland style.

This time the entrance decoration turned the foreground and stairs of the Congress Centre an amazing white for arriving guests.



We glued more than 12 thousand snowflakes onto the registration and cloakroom tables (we also cut them all out ourselves!). We made the Wizz logo with Christmas tree ornaments above the registration desk and set up a light curtain as well.


The walls of the downstairs corridors received unique graphics, which we transformed into 3D with various techniques.




Table decorations made of white-pink-blue balls and lights were placed on the tables and cocktail tables, and the chairs were decorated with pink-blue satin combined with pure white organza ribbons.





Our greatest pride this year was the ceiling decoration that we made by using hundreds of meters of organza material arranged in a fan shape (adapting to the features of the hall) and several huge, individually handmade, foam board snowflakes.





Photos: molnarstudio

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