Orsi and Haiko’s Two-Day Wedding

Written by losonczievi

Orsi and Haiko’s wedding lasted an entire long weekend with two completely different wedding concepts.

It all started with the idea of a friendly yet elegant wedding somewhere near a vineyard. It took a long time and effort to find the ideal location, and in the end the couple chose Babérliget Mansion.

This beautiful property is located to the south of Lake Balaton, so the distance and the features of the venue limited the number of guests at the site. That is partly why they decided that church ceremony open to all friends should be held on the Friday before the wedding itself.

It all started on Friday morning: we arrived early at Orsi’s parents’ house with the flowers. This is one of our favourite parts throughout a wedding day: a time spent with the close family and friends in an excited, pleasantly tense atmosphere.


Haiko also arrived in the morning, the bride and groom’s first look at each other was nicely captured in the garden by Andris.


Before the church ceremony there was still time for a pleasant creative photography session on Liberty Bridge and the surrounding area, which the couple chose as the proposal also took place here.




The venue of the ceremony was the beautiful St. Stephen’s Basilica in the centre of Budapest, and the following reception was held at the Bestia terrace and the nearby square.



The couple and the close family arrived in Polány on Friday evening, where they spent a good evening together while we started the preparations for the following day.



Saturday morning started with a leisurely breakfast, some people had a dip in the pool and played ping-pong. We started preparing the venue with the decoration team early in the morning. The venue was already familiar to us, so we knew exactly how to make the best of our ideas. Guests were welcomed on the side terrace. The civil ceremony was held at the happiness gate set up in the garden and decorated with white fabric and flowers. For the petal throwing, we filled colourful paper cones with bright rose petals. The large grassy area and the view provided a perfect spot for group photos.

The wedding decoration was calm and elegant, with some playful details added for good measure. We wrapped lights around trees and pinned images of family and friends onto them. The chairs and tables were decorated with olive leaves and a leaf was put on each plate. A selection of tiny glass vases held white and pale pink flowers, adding a romantic touch to the table decoration. Inside the room, we fitted light garlands to the ceiling, which made for an intimate setting during the dinner and the evening dance.











The civil ceremony was held by Barbi Bánhegyi in the shade of the trees. Orsi and Haiko made their own vows, and Barbi read the couple’s thank you words for their parents and siblings.



After the reception, the group photos were taken in the grassy area, and that is also where the bouquet toss happened.


The venue of the dinner was a wooden tent next to the mansion. During the evening DJ Rony’s music made a huge party atmosphere.



We wish a lot of happiness to Orsi and Haiko!


Venue: Babérliget Kúria, külön köszönet a szuper Soós Dórinak, aki mindenben irtó rugalmas és segítőkész volt.

Photo: a mindig zseniális Leiner Photo

Flower decorations: White Wedding

DJ: Rony Bass

Master of Ceremony: Kondor Józsi

Organization and decoration: Concept Wedding


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