Fanni and Zsolti’s Romantic Forest Wedding

Written by losonczievi

Somehow 2017 started really well, we received lots of requests for one exciting wedding after another. Every so often a couple arrives to the meeting, we begin to talk about their plans and dreams and we soon feel that we are on the same wavelength. Fanni and Zsolti’s wedding was among our favourites this year, and it is a pleasure to think back to each and every moment we spent with them. We think the results speak for themselves.


The venue they chose was the hall of the Petneházy Club Hotel, which we haven’t worked with before.

Venue of the ceremony

Outside the event hall we arranged a spot for the ceremony on a stage with an amazing view. The main element here was a ceremonial arch that we decorated with white fabric and flowers, with tiny bouquets dotting the pillars of the platform.

01 02

03 05


Venue of the wedding dinner

The dinner venue was fitted with white tablecloths and white chiavari chairs. We added pastel flower compositions in natural wooden boxes to the tables, which matched perfectly the paper elements designed by the groom.

The white ceiling decoration was already in place, we just added more than 150 meters of lights, and to continue the same thread light garlands covered by white organza decorated the windows behind the main table.

08 09

010 012

021 016

015 019


In addition, we wrapped the columns in the centre of the room with lights and used the garlands and tiny pegs to pin photos of the couple and flags with the same pattern as on the other paper elements.

2017_06_10_180 011


Fanni és Zsolti ötlete a volt az a vendégkönyv, melybe a kedves szavak mellé a barátok és a rokonok – Polaroid fényképezőgéppel – a helyszínen készíthettek fotókat.

It was Fanni and Zsolti who had the idea of a guestbook where friends and relatives could put not only kind words but also their own photos taken with the Polaroid machine made available to guests during the wedding.

As for the wedding presents, the guests were offered three options on a dedicated table:

They could make contributions in support of the couple’s honeymoon, their retirement or their future children. Guess which option was the most popular!

017 07


More photos of the venue and the bride and groom through the eyes and lens of the marvellous couple behind Leiner Photo: (Leiner Photo):

2017_06_10_128 2017_06_10_049

LA1_5013 LA1_5116

LA1_5728 2017_06_10_421

2017_06_10_471 2017_06_10_522

2017_06_10_180 2017_06_10_179

2017_06_10_185 2017_06_10_181

2017_06_10_495 2017_06_10_492


Losonczi Évi, ConceptWedding



Venue: Petneházy Club Hotel

Photo: Leiner Photo

Master of Ceremony: Kondor Józsi

DJ: Puja Roli

Decoration: ConceptWedding

Flowers: Mirosa Weddings

Decoration photos: Tamás Péter Video & Photo

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